Monday, April 16, 2012

Grab Your Tom Petty Mixtape, It's Road Trip Time...

With spring having, well, sprung in the Pacific Northwest, we knew a road trip was in order. There's something about sitting in a car, eating various combinations of trail mix, and listening to out of touch radio stations that really drives home the seasonal arrival of our big solar friend. Since we have various pals scattered about the Bay Area, we figured a quick jaunt down the coast was in order. And, of course, there was much thrifting to be had.

This particular trip was extra sweet, because we managed to snag some of our favorite Mid Century wares. We found two seperate but matching Cathrineholm bowls in Eugene, as well as a Palatnik bird and a Bennington tile. A little further up, in Portland, we snagged a pair of fiberglass planters, an Arabia jam jar, a couple of robo-lamps (oh, how we love your robo charm), and a Heath lidded casserole.

In San Francisco, we got to party down with some of our more righteous friends, and grabbed a Dala horse, a piece of Poole Delphis pottery, a Finel nesting set, and some Teak condiment servers. The Poole piece is especially stunning, with its Modernist, hallucinatory pattern (apropos for the Bay Area).

There were various other finds, but our absolute favorite came to us from the lowly town of Vacaville, CA, on our way to stay with some friends at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland. We're a sucker for Space Age design, so the green and white plastic cube lamp we found nearly left us with heat stroke. Luckily, we soldiered on, and were able to make it to the farm, where we got to part down with rescued pigs, goats, cows, and other non-human buds till we passed out from exhaustion. All in all, it was an excellent time, complete with some very excellent finds. And next time your passing by Chico, on your way to, well, anywhere but Chico, stop for a tour at Farm Sanctuary in Orland. They do a very beautiful thing there, and would certainly love a stop from any and all of their far flung compatriots.

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  1. Your finds leave me breathless and dreaming of road trips. Great finds as usual. Love every single one of them!